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The South Grafton Vets whotreat your pet as a family member! We do everything possible to assure the best opportunity for our patient’s health & a long life. Based in The Clarence Valley, Northern NSW, we aim to provide for all of your pet care needs. The vets who treat your pet like a family member!

Vet Clinic Information & Where to Find Us in Grafton

Riverbank Animal Hospital
Grafton & South Grafton Vet Clinic

60 Through St, South Grafton, NSW 2460 Australia
Ph: 02 6642 3083    Click here to send us an email

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Our Veterinary Services

Our range of vet services available includes the following, click on each item for more details:

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About Riverbank Animal Hospital

It is always tempting for us vets to talk about our credentials and years of experience and our fantastic array of equipment we have here at Riverbank Animal Hospital. Whilst we know that this is all important to you, let us be honest, what is most important to you are NOT our qualifications. It’s knowing 3 things that:

  1. Your pet will be nurtured in our care
  2. We recognise and respect your needs and expectations
  3. We’ll do our utmost to ensure your pet is healthy and happy

As pet lovers ourselves, it’s the little things we do for you and your pet at Riverbank Animal Hospital that demonstrate we are the caring veterinarians for pets for the residents of Grafton, South Grafton and the wider Clarence Valley area. We call them our “5 Points of Commitment”. Here they are:

Our 5 Points of Commitment

To ensure you feel welcome

Cat friends
– and most importantly so does your pet – upon arrival at Riverbank Animal Hospital you will always be greeted by the smiling faces of our reception staff. Our vet nurses will spend time with you… and make a fuss of your pet to ensure he or she feels calm and safe around us.

We’re committed to being available to you and your pet day or night.

Interested dog
It’s why we have an after hours service for you to phone. Whether it’s midnight or Sunday afternoon, one of our three vet’s are always available for you to speak to directly.

We know how stressful it is when your pet suddenly requires urgent veterinary attention.

Pet friends
It’s why in emergencies you don’t wait for an appointment – we fit you in on the day of the call. For serious situations you cut the cue so your pet gets immediate medical attention – just as you would expect for yourself at the emergency department.

We’re committed to giving you a full range of options…

Guinea Pig
and then working through them one at a time until we arrive at the option you’re happiest with. You won’t be pressured into making any decision or choosing a particular treatment. Instead, you’ll learn all the options available for your vet, including the pros, the cons and cost of each option. We then agree on which option best suits you and your pet

We aim to keep your pet happy and relaxed.

From the treats we give your pet… to speaking your pet’s name softly, it’s all about making it a stress free experience for your pet when he or she visits us at Riverbank Animal Hospital, the only veterinary practice in the Clarence Valley that is exclusively for dogs, cats and other companion animals.
Every visit to the Riverbank Animal Hospital gives me just what I need ...

answers to all my questions, emergency advice and treatment just when it's needed and on-going care and concern for my animals' well-being. I am grateful to Chris and Amanda and their staff for their expertise while caring for my cats and dogs throughout their illnesses, injuries and now, old age. It's like having a vet in the family!
S. Thomason, Grafton.

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