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Do you check your Dog's Ears?

The ear of the dog has evolved to give them the ability to hear sounds at much higher & lower frequencies than humans.
The ear canal consists of a long slender tube, which extends downwards & then inwards to the base of the skull where the ear drum is located.

Ears are great places for problems to occur. Normally your dog's ears should look and smell clean and they should be free of wax and dry skin. There should be no hair loss or redness in the skin and no pain or discomfort. If any of these signs are present then a checkup is needed.

In our warm humid climate infections occur commonly in ears, especially in the warmer months. The ear canal becomes inflamed and the delicate lining becomes thickened and produces more wax. This process will continue to worsen unless treated. Infected ears do not get better by themselves.

 Many things can cause ear infections including:
• Grass Seeds or other foreign bodies
• Ear mites these can effect dogs and cats
• Bacteria or yeasts
• Allergies

We recommend that pet owners check their pet’s ears daily for any signs of redness, soreness, nasty smells, head shaking or scratching at ears.

Prompt Veterinary care can often resolve an ear problem that if left would then require much more extensive and costly treatment. If you are concerned about your pet's ears we recommend visitng your local veterinary surgeon at Riverbank Animal Hospital in South Grafton.

How can I prevent ear infections?
Careful monitoring of the dogs ears for the early signs of inflammation and regular use of an ear cleaning agent will prevent most infections. Ongoing treatment of any underlying allergy is also important. Keeping the ears free of inflammation and wax buildup will ensure they remain healthy.


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