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Doggie doctors: What do you look for in a vet?

What do you look for in a vet? I have been thinking about this recently, and have come up with a list. I think I am more particular about choosing a vet than a doctor for myself.

First on the list is definitely experience in many injuries and ailments my dogs might suffer. I would like to think my vet has plenty of experience treating such things (not just reading about them) before they have to treat it in my dogs.

Secondly I want a vet that treats my dogs with great kindness, and understands dog behavior. When a dog gets to a vet it is often already stressed or in pain so being handled kindly and competently is important.

Thirdly I like to have continuity of care with one or maybe two vets. I do not like to get a different vet each time I visit, particularly when a dog visits multiple times for follow ups of the same problem.

Fourthly I like to be treated well; I like everything explained clearly to me, what is happening to my dog, what medication they are on and what each does, and also what to expect in the future. Of course there are times at the vet when I am not at my best such as if one of my dogs is seriously unwell, and I like to think my vet can also cope with some occasional tears.

I am pleased to report that I have found such a vet in Grafton, Dr Chris Gough – the new owner of South Grafton Veterinary Clinic. Previously I was driving to Coffs Harbour to take my dogs to the vet.

In September this year [2005] Wayne Gadke retired and Chris and Amanda Gough, a husband and wife team from Perth purchased the clinic. Chris graduated from Bristol University, UK in 1996 and has practiced in the UK, Adelaide and Perth before moving to Grafton.

Chris has a background in mixed practice (farm animals/equine and pets) but has specialized in 100% small animal (pet) practice for the last five years. Amanda is an experienced vet nurse who has specialized in surgical nursing in the past. Her main role is practice manager – overseeing the smooth running of the practice.

Their personal goal is to provide us with a first class 100% small animal veterinary facility with a strong emphasis on compassionate care with friendly customer service. They have a program in place to upgrade and modernize the clinic over the next few years, and also expanding the services currently on offer.

So I take this opportunity to welcome Chris and Amanda to Grafton and thank them for the care they have already given a number of my dogs. Please visit them next time your dog or cats needs veterinary care – you will not be disappointed (And no this is not a paid advertisement, I just genuinely find their vet care great).

Mandy Sansom “Paw Prints” article
Clarence Life, Daily Examiner
Saturday December 10 2005 



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