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Clarence Dog Sports promotes Dog Agility as a competitive sport whilst always supporting the concept of Fun and Safety for both Dogs and Handlers! Riverbank Animal Hospital is proud to be associated with Clarence Dog Sports here in Grafton.



The Rabbit Sanctuary

For people in the local Grafton and wider Clarence Valley area The Rabbit Sanctuary is a great resource. 

It has become known Australia wide as a helping hand for pet rabbits and the people that care about them.  Their mission is to raise the cultural value of rabbits as companion animals and to re-home them into loving homes through rescue and adoption.  If you are thinking of buying a rabbit please phone The Rabbit Sanctuary in nearby Rushforth to arrange a visit.  There are many gorgeous bunnies there awaiting adoption. There are a wide range of rabbit breeds and colours. There are baby rabbits, young rabbits and older rabbits that need a good home. 

Please adopt a rabbit or offer to rescue or foster a rabbit if you have the time. 


Having a House Rabbit as a Pet

Rabbits can live in the house just like a cat or dog. They are easier to litter train than a cat given their territorial nature.  Once they choose their toileting spot, if you put the litter tray there they will use it forever!  Change it each day and your house guests will never know you have a pet unless they spot him or her sitting near the glass door looking out or peeking out from behind the lounge! 

Rabbits love to sit at your feet or on your lap while you watch television.  They can also be taken out on a rabbit harness and lead but be careful of the outdoor dangers such as dogs and cats.  A rabbit on a harness will lead you rather than the other way around.  That makes for a lot of fun and great exercise!  Taking your rabbit out on a harness gives him or her the chance for some fresh grass and exercise for you both.

Rabbit Care

Riverbank Animal Hospital is a big supporter of The Rabbit Sanctuary where all the rabbits come for check-ups and medical attention.  Dr Chris Gough has lots of experience in treating rabbits both in England and Australia.  He is known at The Rabbit Sanctuary as the 'Rabbit Vet'!  Every rabbit adopted from Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary receives a voucher for a free health check at Riverbank Animal Hospital.  This means you can take your new rabbit to the vet for free! The vet will check teeth and general health.  If vaccinations are due this is a great time to get them taking advantage of the free vet consult on offer.

Clarence Dog Sports


Clarence Dog Sports promotes Dog Agility as a competitive sport whilst always supporting the concept of Fun and Safety for both Dogs and Handlers


  Rare Chooks

Blue Hills Rare Breed Stud is an interesting page to visit to see the many types of rare breeds available in Australia.  This site was featured in an ABC documentary.  Visti to see the rare chooks and other rare breeds of domestic livestock which are dying out worldwide at a rate of 3 breeds per day.  If you are thinking of keeping some backyard hens it would help preserve the rare breeds if you chose pure bred chooks.  On this site you will see almost every fowl available with photos to help you identify them.


Clarenza Bed n Bone kennels Skye Park Pet Resort & Day Spa Boarding Kennels
02 6642 4305

Situated 1Km off the Pacific Highway and just 5Km from South Grafton, is a boarding kennel where the owners believe that your canine or feline family member deserves the same level of care and attention as one of their own.

Sabai Cattery Sabai Cattery


Sabai Cattery is a modern purpose-built cats-only boarding facility set on 5 tranquil acres between Yamba and Maclean and only a short drive from Grafton.

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