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Buddy & Mickey

The amazing story of Buddy and Micky.


THE miraculous tale of two working dogs from Nymboida reads like a Disney movie. It’s a story of injury, starvation and mateship between a nineyear- old dog named Buddy and a chocolate kelpie pup called Micky.

The adventure started on Tuesday of last week when the dogs were out on the farm with their owner Ken Tucker, who was fixing fences. “All of a sudden I looked up and they weren’t there,” Ken said. “I could hear them barking in the distance so I dare say there was a wild dog fairly close by.” All Ken usually has to do is whistle and the dogs are back within minutes, but this time they did not return.

For the next five days Ken trudged along the frosty fence lines of his property with his third dog, Jive, scouting for the lost dogs. By Saturday, after no sign of them, Ken said he had no choice but to give up the search. But little did he know, Buddy and Micky wanted nothing more than to be back on the farm with Ken.The problem – Buddy was stuck. It’s believed while chasing the wild dogs, Buddy had become impaled on a branch. It went straight into his side, preventing him from moving. Micky the puppy stayed by Buddy’s side for five days, keeping him warm through the frosty nights, and according to South Grafton vet Dr Chris Gough, probably bringing him food. If it wasn’t for Micky, Buddy would have almost certainly died,” Dr Gough said. Throughout the ordeal the dogs were also chewing through the wood that had pinned Buddy. Finally, it seems on Saturday night, it broke and Buddy was free.

Just after midnight Ken was awakened by Jive’s barking. “So I went out to see what the fuss was, when Micky wandered out of Buddy’s kennel,” Ken said. “I could barely see him but his ribs were sticking out quite far,” he said. Then, very cautiously, Buddy walked out too. I was so happy,” Ken said. “I got them fresh water and they consumed litres and litres.” In the morning Ken saw the extent of Buddy’s injuries but it wasn’t until later that he discovered a 10cm x 2cm piece of wood still embedded in his side. Ken said Buddy had been chewing at his skin, trying to pull it out. “He’s a tough customer,” he said. “We were so lucky to get him back from such an accident.” Buddy was taken to the South Grafton Veterinary Clinic on Monday, where the wood was surgically removed. Dr Gough said he was amazed that Buddy survived considering his injuries, the cold nights and absence of food and fluids. Buddy and Micky were reunited on Thursday. The signs of the ordeal were still evident in their skinny bodies and lacklustre coats but according to Dr Gough they should be back to their best in no time.

Story and photo reproduced courtesy of The Daily Examiner
Front page article weekend edition Saturday - Sunday 8-9 August 2009


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