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Maddison the Belgian Shepherd, a rescue dog, has an amazing operation.


Maddison, a beautiful twelve year old Belgian Shepherd was rescued by Happy Paws from a pound in Sydney a few months ago. During a bath it was noticed that her belly had grown rather large. The initial thought was that she might be pregnant as no records of her being previously desexed were available.

Dr Chris took an X-Ray picture to see if this was the case. The X-Ray showed a massive soft tissue mass pretty much filling her whole abdominal cavity.

It was decided two days before Christmas that she would have an operation to investigate the mass. The procedure was lengthy and complex involving two veterinary surgeons working together to remove the mass that involved spleen, intestines and pancreas. The mass finally came away weighing in at a massive 3.2kg! Dr Chris said I think this is the largest mass I have ever removed from a dog’s abdominal cavity.

Maddison also had a splenectomy as there were concerns that secondary tumours were present in this organ also.

Maddison spent Christmas recovering in hospital but is now fit and well and reunited with her devoted foster carer, Sally Rogers, at Happy Paws.

If you would like to enquire about adopting Maddison or would even like to make a tax free donation towards the cost of her operation Sally would be delighted to hear from you. Visit our links page for contact details for Happy Paws Haven. There are always a number of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens looking for caring homes at the rescue shelter.

March 2009: Maddison has been adopted. We will do a follow up on her new home soon!



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