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Birba and Timmy

Birba and Timmy the rescue dog from Germany, a brand new feature: Friends of Riverbank Animal Hospital!


Recently our practice manager Amanda sent an email enquiry to a company in Germany; we were thrilled when we received the following message back from the person that dealt with Amanda's email. We can now proudly say that we have followers of our web site in Germany!

Dear Amanda,

Seeing your e-mail address, I thought the "vet" sounds like veterinary and I had a look through google and found the homepage of the Riverbank Animal Hospital.

When nosying aroung on that lovely site I found the November story about Sox and what had happened to him.

Yes, and I felt immediately reminded of my old dog, she is called Birba and nearly 16 now. And she is as deaf as a stone and it is not quite two months ago when she was ran over in our front yard by my landlord's car...of course, it was not on purpose, she was just lying there, sleeping and simply not hearing the engine. But - thanks to all her guardian angels, nothing happend except that she got caught underneath the car and was all surprised as to why she couldn´t get up and walk away.

We pushed the car off the dog so that she could trot away not quite understanding why I was crying...out of shock and out of happiness that she was fine!

Attached I´m sending you a picture of me and my second dog, he´s called Timmy, he´s two years old now. For a bit more than one year now, him and me have been trained for eventually becoming a Rescue Dog Team with the German Red Cross. Timmy is a real cuddly kind of a doggy - I always call him my little mama´s boy as he is like a shadow, you see.

I told my dog rescue friends about you and Amanda and your clinic and they were all thrilled and said that we might be the only dog rescue squadron known in Australia now...yes, indeed, and I couldn´t help laughing in amazement!

I would like to wish you, your family, your animals and the entire team of the Riverbank Animal Hospital in Grafton Australia a very happy New Year, health, success and to never lose the confidence in what you are doing!

With many kind greetings from me and a big woof, woof from Timmy and Birba,

Jutta Steiner
Dietenhofen, Germany


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