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Doc the Bassett Hound has been spending quite a lot of time with us over the last few weeks. At the end of August, Doc, 9 months old, came to see vet Dr. Chris as he had been vomiting and had a very sore tummy.


An X-ray picture of Doc's abdomen revealed that the problem was caused by a rock that Doc had swallowed becoming lodged in his intestine causing an obstruction.

The following day Doc had an operation to remove the rock from his bowel; he recovered well and went home a few days later. Chris advised Doc's owner to be careful as rock swallowers have been known to become repeat offenders. Doc's owner, Lyn, made sure that the whole family carefully checked the backyard and removed several similar rocks and stones from Doc's home environment.

A few weeks later Chris saw Doc again as he was off his food and had been vomiting. As a precaution Chris took another X-ray of Doc's abdomen only to find that he had swallowed yet another rock! Chris was amazed as this was the shortest time he had ever known a dog to get a second bowel obstruction.

Doc is now recovering well from his second bowel operation and now lives in a special enclosure in his backyard that is completely rock free!

Doc's owner, Lyn, has also now taken out pet insurance on Chris' advice - just in case he gets himself into any further scrapes.

Pet insurance is such a great thing as it gives the owner peace of mind that they will not face unexpected and potentially significant treatment costs. Chris says it also makes his job easier as he can just get on and offer his patient the best possible treatment options with out having to be concerned about affordability for the owner. When I have a sick or injured patient to treat I hate having to talk about money. All I want to do is to be able to treat my patient with the highest standards of care available. Pet insurance allows me to do just that.

If you would like to know more about pet insurance contact any member of our health care team at South Grafton Veterinary Clinic for more information.

Pet Insurance special offer:

If you take out pet insurance with Petplan through South Grafton Vets you get the first 4 weeks of cover absolutely free! We will even complete all the forms and send them off for you. Your pet is covered as soon as Petplan approve your application, and if you change your mind just cancel the policy at the end of the free 4 week period and you will not pay a single dollar!


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