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Nail clipping, Professional dog grooming salon, Hydrobathing
Our Services

Our range of services available includes the following, click on each item for more details:

Puppy Pre-school - click to see more info

A great start to life - Puppy Pre-school, a fun and interactive course for the whole family.

Puppy Pre-School is a must for any owner wanting a well-behaved, sociable dog. These classes are designed for puppies between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks, as it is much easier to teach your puppy correctly from the start rather than having to correct bad behavior later on. The course is held at Riverbank Animal Hospital in South Grafton. You do not need to be a client to attend, everyone is welcome.

Cat adoption Scheme - click to see more info

Riverbank Animal Hospital, South Grafton is a member of the Cat Adoption Scheme. A national program promoting the adoption of kittens and cats.

Weight loss clinics - click to see more info

Just as obesity is a huge health risk for humans it is also a problem for our cats and dogs. Being overweight can reduce their life expectancy and increase the chances of them developing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. So, if your dog or cat is carrying some excess kilos come and talk to us about our weight loss clinics. They are completely free of charge and could drastically improve your pet’s quality of life and lifespan. Everyone at Riverbank Animal Hospital in South Grafton is commited to your pet's health and long life.

Lost & found - click to see more info

Each year we reunite many lost pets with their owners through our lost and found service. If you have lost or found a stray pet we encourage you to call us so we can check our registry for you. We record both lost pets and found pets so that pets can be reunited with their owners as soon as possible. We also encourage pet owners to Micro chip their pets. Here are a few things you can do if your pet is lost:

Nail clipping - click to see more info

Nail clipping can be a battle for some pet owners! We can give your pet a manicure and a pedicure and save you some stress. Some pets find the experience very distressing; if this is the case nail clipping can be done under sedation.

Breeder Services - click to see more info

We offer a range of breeder services including:

  • Progesterone testing
  • Vaginal smears and swabs
  •  Ultrasound scans
  • Assisted whelping

Ultrasound facility - click to see more info

Diagnostic Ultrasound is a new service now available At Riverbank Animal Hospital in South Grafton.

Frozen Semen storage and AI - click to see more info

We regret to advise that we no longer collect or store semen or perform artificial insemination.

Dentistry - click to see more info

We have the very latest dental equipment to care for your pet’s dental health. Maintaining your pet’s dental health is extremely important for their wellbeing. An unhealthy mouth with build up of tartar, gingivitis (gum disease) and rotten teeth is not only painful and gives your pet bad breath but there can also be a knock on effect to their general health. Bacteria from the mouth will enter the blood stream and over a period of time cause damage to organs such as kidneys, heart valves and will increase your pet’s risk of diseases such as diabetes. Having a healthy mouth makes your pet happier and more energetic.

Surgery (Soft tissue and orthopedic) - click to see more info

Riverbank Animal Hospital, South Grafton is a fully equipped veterinary hospital with two sterile operating theatres and inpatient care facility for patients requiring hospitalization.

Desexing - click to see more info

At Riverbank Animal Hospital in South Grafton we routinely desex kittens and puppies at 5-6 months of age and recommend that this is done for all cats and dogs that are not going to be bred from. There are many advantages to desexing, some physiological and some behavioral:

Micro chipping - click to see more info

Micro chipping is a means of permanently identifying a pet as belonging to you. It greatly increases your chances of you getting your pet back in the event of them becoming lost or even stolen. A micro chip carries a unique number that is read by a scanner. Most veterinary clinics and rangers have scanners, the first thing that we do with stray dog or cat is check them for a microchip.

Hospital In-patient care - click to see more info

Riverbank Animal Hospital is a fully equipped veterinary centre offering the very best in inpatient hospital care should your pet require it due to illness or injury. We aim to make your pet as comfortable as possible at all times and encourage you to visit your pet during their stay with us. We always communicate with owners at least twice a day whilst we have a pet in hospital. We have an open house policy and are always happy to show clients our five star inpatient facilities. We have seperate dog and cat wards and also an isolation ward for any infectious disease cases. We have inpatient accomodation for 32 dogs and cats at our South Grafton veterinary practice.

Pathology - click to see more info

Sometimes pathology testing is required to assist our veterinarians with the diagnosis and monitoring of your pet.

We are proud and excited to announce that we now have full in house laboratory facilities enabling us to give you answers fast when your pet is sick or injured.

Diagnostic Imaging - click to see more info

Our digital x-ray facilities allow us to investigate animal injuries and health problems. Having the best equipment on hand means we are able to quickly diagnose injuries particularly in emergency situations. This is convenient for you as your pet can have all treatment done at the veterinary hospital here in South Grafton and also means our patients are given the best opportunity for recovery.

Preventative health care - click to see more info

Preventative health care is all about maintaining your pet in optimum health. At Riverbank Animal Hospital we have established recommended standards of care that are aimed at keeping your pet in the best possible health here in the heart of The Clarence Valley. Our Veterinary Health Care computor systems keeps track of when your dog or cat is due to come in to see us in South Grafton.

Pharmacy - click to see more info

Riverbank Animal Hospital in Grafton has a full pharmacy so that we can dispense your pet’s medication to you at the same time as your consultation. Our pharmacy is maintained to a high standard ensuring that your pet’s medication is stored correctly and that their medication is always available. If you have a pet on long term medication we request that you contact us a few days before your pet runs out of their medication so that we can have their repeat authorized by our veterinarian, labeled and put ready for you to collect.

Grooming - click to see more info

We offer a full grooming service for dogs and cats. We can also accomodate pets that require sedation to be clipped. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Your pet may require a health check with our veterinarian to ensure that it is safe to give them sedation (if required).

Our in house groomer is Leiza. She is experienced and is very gentle to ensure your pet has a fantastic time at our doggy day spa. Leiza has previously operated her own grooming parlour in Skinner Street, South Grafton.

Grooming currently operates Thursdays and Fridays each week at Riverbank Animal Hospital in Grafton. Call us on 6642 3083 to book your pet in.

We also offer a while-you-wait Hydrobath service 6 days a week. (No appointment necessary). Prices start at just $12!

Pet Shop Merchandise and Pet food - click to see more info

Riverbank Animal Hospital has a large range of pet retail products accessories; leads, collars, halties, stimulating and fun toys, treats and rewards, our range is always changing so do come in and browse. We are located on the corner of Through and Wharf Streets in South Grafton.

We stock a range of quality pet food; our premium range is Advance, an Australian made food with a life stage range to suit your pet dog or cat’s size, age and level of activity.

Riverbank Animal Hospital (Formerly South Grafton Veterinary Clinic)
60 Through Street, South Grafton, NSW 2460, Australia
Ph 02 6642 3083 - Click here to send us an email
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