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Tobias & Kahlia

To all the Readers of the “Friends of Riverbank Animal Hospital”

Our names are “Tobias & Kahylia we would like to dedicate our story to our beloved brother “Billy” that was sadly taken from us due to illness.
We are going to tell you a story about how our lives changed and how we went on a miracle journey with our two very caring mothers that were originally our foster carers but due all their hard work and unconditional love we now have a permanent home for the rest of our lives
Let us begin when we were 7 weeks old we were brought in a tiny wire bird cage to our new “Foster Home” we didn’t understand what was happening to us all we knew was one minute we were playing at home next we were being shoved into the tiny wire bird cage put into the car which was a whole new experience and driven to this house. Our previous mother tipped us out of this bird cage and left without glancing back or even a reassuring cuddle to say “that you will be fine”. We were not pretty kittens (we looked like gremlins..from the movie (GREMLINS),  but our looks or the condition that we were in never stop this lady (our mother now) caring for us.
The very first thing that happened to us on our arrival was a visit to the vet to get checked out and to get all the medications the special shampoo, eye ointment, ear drops & antibiotics for any little sniffles that we might have had or any other infections that we just might have, so that was a tablet a day and eyes and ears were cleaned daily and a relaxing bath to start getting the scaly skin and dead fur off us  every 2nd day this was the beginning of a journey in getting us back to what we set out to be and that was  just being us, kittens.
When we were around 3 months you could see the new fur starting to grow we started getting fur around our heads and Kahylia even had her own set of Angel Wings. We were not being bathed every second day now it was down to once a week as most the scaly skin had been removed and the dead fur also removed at one stage we had no fur on our bellies, tails, ears and legs but with the conditioner that was being rubbed into us daily, our fur was starting to grow and it was so soft. It was nice being able to clean our new fur without our tongue scrapping along just skin.
We are now 7 months old and it has been a long journey for us but at last we have fur our ears are not bigger than our heads and our eyes do not look like that they were going to pop out  we look normal now
We have been adopted by our fosters moms, we are healthy kittens chasing each other all around the house and playing hide an go seek in our tunnels or chasing after the many balls we have, we also have brothers and sisters,  whom we chase after and play with it is our home now.
 We are now going to show you family photos of what we looked like back in November 09 to what we look like today.      
We would like to thank you for taking the time in reading our amazing journey  we just wanted to tell you about unconditional love  & care that we found.

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Tobias 7 weeks old
Tobias 7 weeks old
Tobias is starting to grow fur
Tobias is starting to grow fur
Kahylia (left) & Tobias (right) 7 weeks old
Kahylia (left) & Tobias (right) 7 weeks old
Kahylia at 7 months of age
Kahylia at 7 months of age
Tobias (front) & Kahylia (rear)
Tobias (front) & Kahylia (rear)
Kahylia (front) Tobias (back)
Kahylia (front) Tobias (back)

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