Kitten nutrition

Proper nutrition is another part of helping your kitten get the best start in life. Kittens need a balanced diet that includes all the essential nutrients for growth and development. Proper nutrition is vital for kittens because it helps them to grow strong bones and muscles and provides the energy necessary for play and learning.

There are many premium-grade commercial foods that meet the exact nutritional requirements of growing kittens. Although brands vary in quality, premium brands generally provide higher-quality ingredients. Therefore, we recommend you feed your kitten premium-grade kitten food.

Talk to our veterinary team for advice on the appropriate nutrition for your kitten.


Maintaining a healthy weight for your kitten is extremely important for their overall health and well-being. Keeping your kitten at their ideal weight helps to keep their bones, joints, and muscles strong and healthy. In addition, keeping your pet at their ideal weight can help reduce the risk of serious health conditions such as urinary problems, diabetes, heart disease, and types of cancer.

Monitor your kitten's weight regularly and work with your veterinary healthcare team to make adjustments to ensure they stay at their ideal weight. By doing so, you can help your pet stay healthy and happy.

Talk to our team to see if your kitten is due for a weight check today!

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