dietary advice

Dietary Advice

Just as obesity is a huge health risk for humans it is also a problem for our cats and dogs. Being overweight can reduce their life expectancy and increase the chances of them developing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. So, if your dog or cat is carrying some excess kilos come and talk to us about our weight loss clinics. They are completely free of charge and could drastically improve your pet’s quality of life and lifespan. Everyone at Riverbank Animal Hospital in South Grafton is commited to your pet’s health and long life.

If you have noticed any of the following changes and are concerned that your pet may be overweight bring them in for a weight check today:

Ribs can’t be felt without applying a fair amount of pressure,

Pet obsessed with food,

Pet is inactive most of the time,

Loss of an obvious waist (and you may even notice belly wobble when walking or running),

You have had to loosen your pet’s collar several times over the past year.