Microchipping Pets


Micro chipping is a means of permanently identifying a pet as belonging to you. It greatly increases your chances of you getting your pet back in the event of them becoming lost or even stolen. A micro chip carries a unique number that is read by a scanner. Most veterinary clinics and rangers have scanners, the first thing that we do with stray dog or cat is check them for a microchip.

It is compulsory for your pet to be micro chipped if you live in NSW. All pets sold or given away must be micro chipped first. There are a few exemptions for some animals. For further details go to the NSW local government website: or contact your local council office.

Getting your pet micro chipped only takes a few minutes and is relatively inexpensive. We offer discounts for litter micro chipping of five or more puppies or kittens at one time.

For further information on micro chipping check out our lost and found information section. We strongly recommend that for your peace of mind your pet’s microchip is inserted by a trained professional veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse who is under the direct supervision of a veterinary surgeon.