Preventive Pet Healthcare

Preventative Health Care

Preventative health care is all about maintaining your pet in optimum health. At Riverbank Animal Hospital we have established recommended standards of care that are aimed at keeping your pet in the best possible health here in the heart of The Clarence Valley. Our Veterinary Health Care computor systems keeps track of when your dog or cat is due to come in to see us in South Grafton.

This includes:

Vaccination program:
For Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Ferrets.

We have selected leading brands of vaccines produced in Australia to give your pets the best possible protection against infectious disease. Puppies and kittens require a vaccination course that is followed up with an annual health check and vaccination boosters at specific intervals.

Vaccination programs are tailored to your pet’s age and what risk factors they are exposed to such as boarding kennels, dog training or pet shows.

Annual health check:
During the annual health check our veterinarian will give your pet a thorough physical examination and discuss any issues you may be experiencing with your pet. Recommendations may be made with regard to dental health, weight control, exercise, arthritis management, etc.

Heartworm prevention:
Heartworm is a deadly disease spread by mosquitoes. If infected, pets often do not show physical signs for months or years. Sadly by the time symptoms are seen often unrepairable damage has been done to the pet’s heart and adjoining blood vessels. Prevention is better than cure and these days is very easy and cost effective. Our veterinarian will be more than happy to discuss heartworm prevention options for your pet.

Intestinal worming:
Is not only important for your pet’s health but for the health of your family also. Many worms can be spread from your pet to human companions with potentially serious health consequences. Our veterinarians will explain our recommended worming programs to you which are tailored to your pet’s age and risk factors.

Integrated Flea control program:
Controlling your pet’s fleas can be a hard task and frequent cause of frustration for many pet owners. Some pets are allergic to flea bites resulting in serious skin problems. Do not panic, all of the friendly staff at South Grafton Veterinary Clinic are highly trained to advise you on how to get rid of fleas and prevent them from coming back. Integrated flea control is the only effective approach to doing this; it involves using highly effective products to treat all of your pets and their environment.

Micro chipped:
We recommend that all dogs and cats are micro chipped for their own protection. Please see the earlier sections on lost and found and micro chipping.

If you are not planning on breeding from your pet dog or cat we strongly recommend that you consider getting them desexed. Please see the earlier section on Desexing for more information