animal dentistry

Animal Dentistry

We have the very latest dental equipment to care for your pet’s dental health. Maintaining your pet’s dental health is extremely important for their wellbeing. An unhealthy mouth with build up of tartar, gingivitis (gum disease) and rotten teeth is not only painful and gives your pet bad breath but there can also be a knock on effect to their general health. Bacteria from the mouth will enter the blood stream and over a period of time cause damage to organs such as kidneys, heart valves and will increase your pet’s risk of diseases such as diabetes. Having a healthy mouth makes your pet happier and more energetic.

If your pet has bad breath, is having difficulty eating or you notice bleeding from the gums bring your pet along to the clinic for a free dental health check with our veterinarian. We strongly recommend that all dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs have a dental check at least once a year at Riverbank Animal Hospital in South Grafton.